A clear and simple to follow course that will give you the knowledge and tools to successfully update and maintain your WordPress website with confidence.

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Maintain and Update your WordPress website with Ease and Confidence.

Your website is kinda like your mobile phone. To keep it running properly, you need to update your apps and system. And although, it can be annoying doing these updates, they are necessary to keep your phone up to date with new features and developments.

Your WordPress site is no different.

Keeping your WordPress theme and Plugins up to date means your site will be kept secure from the grasp of clever hackers and ensure your site stays live (and you don’t miss out on any of those precious sales!).

But, how do you do this?

Performing updates on WordPress can feel like you’re defusing a bomb. I get it. You don’t want to break your site and you don’t want to risk your site going down, losing out on valuable leads or sales. And web developers don’t come cheap. So where does that leave you? Scrolling the internet for DIY videos?

There’s a better way!





This course is going to give you the knowledge and skills to feel confident in doing your own WordPress site maintenance. No more guesswork. No more high monthly maintenance fees. You’re in control and on top of your businesses #1 asset - your website!

Like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds, you’re going to become a computer genius (well..at least a WordPress maintenance genius!). You’ll know how to keep your site safe and secure whilst also preventing downtime or the dreaded ‘white screen of death’.


What's Included

  • Immediate access to the full course with everything you need to know to feel confident updating and maintaining your website in just over an hour.
  • A handy weekly, monthly and quarterly checklist that details each task you need to action to keep your site in tip top shape
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Here’s what you’ll learn…


Lesson 1

Let’s start with the basics

Why WordPress website maintenance is so important!

In Lesson 1, you’ll gain an overall understanding of website maintenance. You’ll find out why it’s required and the possible risk factors if you don’t keep your site up to date. You’ll also get a handy Google sheet of all the checks you will need to complete on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to keep your site in tip top shape.

Lesson 2

Taking Regular Backups

Lesson 2 is all about how to back up your website and ensure that you always have a fall back of your investment - This is key in making sure you never lose your site completely.

Lesson 3

Let’s get into updates!

We’ll go through everything you need to know about updating your plugins, themes and WordPress platform. Again, remember, your WordPress website is like your mobile phone, when you see those push notifications, you NEED to do those updates!

Lesson 4

Hackers are on the rise.

Stay secure by learning how to set up security protection and how to complete routine security checks.

Lesson 5

Checking your Contact forms

In this lesson we'll look at how you could be potentially missing out on new client's and money in your bank by having a contact form that either isn't working or isn't coming through to you.

Lesson 6

Reviewing your content

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to review your content using a quick Google Search. You'll also check that you are collecting website data and that the right pages are being ranked on Google.

Lesson 7

Optimising your website

In this lesson, we’ll go through how to speed up your website by optimising your database and imagery and checking that your website is on the right PHP settings.

Lesson 8

User Roles & Comment Management

We’ll go through;

● Random quarterly and yearly checks
● Changing passwords
● Cleaning up user accounts

WordPress Website Maintenance SIMPLIFIED is perfect for you if…

  • You have a WordPress.org (self-hosted WordPress) website
  • You want to save yourself monthly web developer fees
  • You want to feel confident keeping your investment up to date
  • You feel technically challenged and need some guidance on maintaining your website

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

  • Your a developer and already know your way around a WordPress website
  • You own a Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify or WordPress.com website
  • You aren’t willing to watch the videos and action the weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks
  • You’d prefer to outsource these tasks
  • You want to learn CSS or how to add pages/change the content on your pages

Your questions answered

Who is this for?

Anyone that owns a self-hosted WordPress website and wants to feel empowered updating and maintaining their website.

When does the course start?

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the course material and you can go through the course at your own pace in your own time. Plus you’ll have lifetime access to the course so when I update it you’ll get the latest version

What is included?

  • Immediate access to the full course with everything you need to know to feel confident updating and maintaining your website in just a couple of hours.
  • A handy weekly, monthly and quarterly checklist that details each task you need to action to keep your site in shape

What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately, there isn't one. 

A refund policy gives you a way out and my aim is to get your website launched within 6 weeks which will also require your dedication.

I've got more questions?!

Awesome, I've got more answers, feel free to drop me an email with your questions at hello@nicolatweed.com

Ready to feel confident updating your Website?